Thursday Blog: Album Antiques

Some of Emma's old albums are now collectible antiques!

That's making us (not to mention Emma) feel a bit old! Apparently, because so few copies of the Spice Girls' second album were bought on vinyl they're rare and worth around £30 each! Emma's got thousands in her garage so maybe it's time for us to set up a record stall! Have a listen below for some of the other stuff that might be worth a few pounds...

Jamie's mind is never far from pies and this morning we asked London for the top 10 pies. Pork came out on top but steak and kidney and apple pie also put in a strong performance. Mmmmm... Pies!

Tomorrow, we're holding a pyjama party. Emma's getting a new set from La Senza and Jamie's bringing in his Spiderman dressing gown!

See you tomorrow!

Album Antiques - 25th Apr 2013