Tuesday Blog: Bad Job

We've all been asked to do something at some point and made a mess of it but have you ever done it on purpose!

Jamie's been left to look after the kids and the animals this week while Mrs Theakston's in India but he's worried that if he does it too well he'll have to do it more often! We asked you if you'd deliberately messed up a job so you wouldn't be asked to do it again... Have a listen below!

Today's top 10 was all about sandwiches. The mighty BLT is popular as is Jamie's no-nonsense cheese and pickle. Bacon sandwiches did well but the most popular sandwich in London is... crisps! We'll count down another top 10 tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, it's Jamie V Emma when they'll both be re-taking their driving tests. Make sure you tune in from 6! x

Bad Job - 14th May 2013