Tuesday Blog: Call Of Confusion

What would you do if you had a Spice Girl's phone number?

We know we'd give the number a call but would you? Lots of Heart Breakfast listeners did... Some of them were flirty, some were amusing and some were quite frankly unbroadcastable! Thanks if you took part in our little social experiment. You can hear some of the funniest messages below.

As tomorrow's the start of Lent, we've been thinking about what we should give up for 40 days. Jamie's Lent Giving Up Resolution Generator machine provided some inspiration. According to the machine, Emma has to give up Twitter and Jamie has to give up washing... Perhaps we need to do a bit more work on it!

Tomorrow, we'll be looking forward to Valentine's Day and you'll have another chance to win a stack of DVDs in our Oscar Winning Performance x

Call Of Confusion On Heart Breakfast - 12th Feb 2013