Tuesday Blog: Nick Frost & Simon Pegg

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg chat to Jamie and Emma.

It's been a while since Jamie went on a pub crawl (it was the time when his mate Giles jumped in the river) but this morning on Heart Breakfast Nick Frost and Simon Pegg brought back a few hazy memories! Hear all about their hilarious new film, their thoughts on school sports days and what their ultimate hangover cure is below!

This week's Jamie V Emma challenge has been revealed. The guys have to use their celebrity statuses to blag as much free stuff as possible (our prize cupboard's looking a bit bare!). Find out how they get on tomorrow.

Also tomorrow you could bag yourself a massive £10,000 cash, there'll be an Oscar Winning Performance and we'll be blasting another annoying celebrity into outer space! See you tomorrow x

Nick Frost And Simon Pegg - 16th Jun 2013