Tuesday Blog: Undercover Emma

Emma did a good job going undercover on TV at the weekend so we thought we'd send her out to get breakfast!

Emma's a regular at the cafe around the corner from the Heart studios and this time we sent her to get breakfast with a difference! She had to follow Jamie's instructions at all times. Did she get Jamie his sausages? Listen below to find out!

It was pretty cold in London this morning although we managed to avoid most of the snow. Was it too cold for swimming though? Elizabeth in Tooting didn't think so. She goes for a swim in the lido every morning and today was no exception. Jamie would have joined in too but he's got a bad leg (yeah, right!). We did get him to stand outside in his underpants though so it couldn't have been that cold!

Tomorrow, we're sending Emma undercover again. We'll also keep you bang up to date with the latest travel news and there'll be another Oscar Winning Performance. See you tomorrow x

Undercover Emma On Heart Breakfast - 12th Mar 2013