Wednesday Blog: Banned!

There's been some banning going on - and Stephen's definitely guilty!

When we started our new game, Wind In The Willis we thought it wouldn't take long before it got us into trouble... But, so far it hasn't! In today's installment, it's a bit of a blow for contestant Barbara as Karen from Enfield gives her a beating You can hear it blow.

The banning in question is Stephen's banning from the Magic Circle. He gave away the secret to a magic trick on a TV show years ago and every time it gets repeated he gets banned! We wanted to know if you'd ever banned from something and had some bizarre answers including the Brownies (for bringing in a goat!) and a model railway (for testing if putting leaves on the line would really stop the train!).

Stephen and Emma are off to the Brit Awards tonight and have been set a challenge - to take a picture underneath the most famous table. Will they succeed? Find out tomorrrow x

Wind In The Willis Day 3 - 19th Feb 2013