Wednesday Blog: On The Blag

So who can use their celebrity to get the most free stuff?

It's Jamie V Emma and time to get on the blag! When you're a famous celeb it's easy to get your hands on free stuff. How about a spray tan and a cement mixer? Find out how they got on below!

Things aren't just hotting up outside in the sunshine... We've got your chance to become a whopping £10,000 richer. You need to be listening at 7.30am for your chance to win.

Emma's off for a few cocktails in the sunshine today. That means she'll be a bit of a wreck by tomorrow morning (if she makes it in at all!). Will she get her words out? Find out in the morning! x

On The Blag - 17th Jul 2013

Emma did so well she managed to get HSS Hire to give ANY Heart listener a 15% discout on cement mixer hire subject to availability. Nice one Emma!