Wednesday Blog: Louie Gets Probed!

Louie Spence leaped at the challenge of keeping Jamie on his toes!

This morning the normally shy and retiring Louie opened up to us in the Heart Hot Seat. Find out who he'd snog, marry AND avoid (all at the same time!), who he goes to for advice and who his celeb crush is below (they're all the same person!).

We've all done the odd thing we've regretted after a couple of glasses of wine but we've never woken up to find we'd bought a snake like Dwayne from Coventry! You had some great stories though from Dave who found a pony he'd bought in his garage to Anita who's friend woke up and realised he'd bought a pub!

Geri Halliwell's been sent to keep an eye on Jamie tomorrow. See you in the morning x

Louie Spence In The Heart Hot Seat - 27th Mar 2013