Wednesday Blog: Preparing For Paris

The baggage is booked and the passports are packed.

Tomorrow, Heart Breakfast is live from Disneyland Paris! Join Jamie and Emma with Mickey and a whole host of Disney characters for a morning of magic. If you fancy a fairytale adventure then make sure you're listening because you could be there too!

Jamie's passport is up to date but his photo isn't - he looks about 12! It reminds us of the Live & Kicking days. We were also reminded about his middle name - Barker! Have a listen below to hear more.

A study says that our heels get longer depending on the economic climate - the better the budget the higher the heels. We shouldn't read too much into Emma's wearing of trainers today though. She bought them specially to take to Disneyland.

A bientot! See you in the morning! x

Preparing For Paris - 20th Mar 2013