Wednesday Blog: Race To Romford!

Yesterday, Jamie and Emma were told they'd have to fac e another physical challenge.

Today they got on their bikes! We put them on exercise bikes (something Jamie had never heard of until today!) and got them to race for half an hour. We calculated that they be able to cycle the equivalent distance from Leicester Square to Romford. So who won? Find out below!

It's set to be another scorcher today in London so we asked the big question - do you dare to bare? Legs or no legs? Bare legs won but we'll draw the line at seeing Jamie's pasty pins - sorry Jamie!

And sunny weather means ice lollies! Our poll of Londoners' favourites put the fantastic Feast at number one with gallant performances from the Twister and the Screwball!

We'll be back tomorrow (if we've recovered from all that cycling!) Have a great day x

Race To Romford - 24th Apr 2013