Wednesday Blog: Radiohead

Heart Breakfast's hair salon is open for business and haircuts are an absolute snip!

Well done to brave volunteers Andrea and Lauren for being the first customers at Radiohead - the Heart Breakfast hairdressing salon! Top hair stylist Mathew Soobroy was on hand to judge (and tidy up the damage!). Have a listen below...

Mathew Soobroy with Andrea and Lauren

We love the way hairdressers have clever names so this morning's Top 10 was a countdown of some of the best - ever had a trip at Spliceworld, Hairwaves or Crops And Bobbers? They're all bona fide hairdressers (unlike us!).

If you're a big fan of Michael Buble you need to be listening to Heart Breakfast tomorrow! We'll have your chance to see him rehearse at an intimate venue. You could also win £2000. See you tomorrrow x

Radiohead - 5th Jun 2013