Wednesday Blog: Right Place Wrong Time!

The TRIC Awards took place yesterday at the same time the South Bank Awards were being held.

This confused a bit of confusion for some of the guests who ended up at the wrong ceremony! So, today we were asking if you've ever been in the right place at the wrong time or vice versa. Have a listen below!

One Direction are opening a shop in Yorkshire which got us thinking if there were any other stores that could be owned by pop stars... How about James Morrisons? Fleetwood MacDonalds? KF Cee-Lo Green?!

Emma went undercover again today and, with Jamie talking to her secretly managed to score a date with the man at the ticket agents in Leicester Square! We'll be sending her out again tomorrow so if you see her and she's acting a bit strangely you'll know what we're up to!

Have a great day x

Right Time Wrong Place - 13th Mar 2013