Welcome back Harriet

After the birth of her baby Louis Harriet's back with Jamie on Heart Breakfast.

Here are some of your good luck messages for Harriet.  And if you want to leave one simply contact us below.

"Hi Harriet, got a very pleasant surprise this morning when i go into my car (haven't been driving for a few weeks), switched on and heard your voice !!!! It was good to hear you back on the air along with your side kick... Hope Louis is doing well, im sure he's a little darling x Welcome back !!"  x Jackie

"Hi Hariet. It's nice to have you back. I am sure Jamie have missed you a lot. Wake up every morning to Heart! Make me laugh and put me in a good good just listening to you too."  Ava

"Great to have you back Harriet, we missed you,{not saying you didn't do a great job Jamie,you did good } congrats on the birth of louis."  Mel x

"Lovely to have you back. The 'dynamic duo' !! very best wishes to you, the baby and Jamie." Christine x

"Welcome back Harriet, i listen every morning without fail!! I absolutely love the show. Hope you and Louis are well. Its great to have you back!!" Abi

"Hi Harriet! Lovely to have you back on my radio in the morning, to brighten up my day! You and Jamie are fantastic as a team, and we were missing you, Harriet!" Best, Jackie x

"It seems like a long time since you were here, have missed the dynamic duo. Im sure you wont need luck, just a good nights sleep!" Gill

"Welcome back 2 heart breakfast!!! the duo is back love listen in the mornings." Katie

"hi Harriet welcome back and good luck on Tuesday." Christopher

"Hi Harriet welcome back Its so good to have you back on the Breakfast show with Jamie and the team !hope your baby Louis is very very well?

I am a regular listener to your show and i really really like waking up in the mornings listening to you and Jamie there is no better breakfast show than yours and Jamie's I would put Heart106.2  Number1." David

"Good luck !! Glad you are back!" Cara

"Hi Harriet, Congratulations. Hope mother and baby are doing well. Thank you so much for putting a big smile on my face every morning. What a sweet voice and a nice personality. I suspect Jamie has not been the same since you left him on his own.  I enjoy your programme and can not wait for you to come back. Happy Easter. Idris

"The best double act is back in business! Welcome back Harriet, someone needs to control Jamie, even if he did brave Canary Wharf, gosh I felt physically sick looking at the photos, but Harriet, you can always use that as a threat to keep him in place :)" Katherine

"Welcome back Harriet and Good Luck". Barbara

"Hi Harriet, Will be great to have you and Jamie back together, Louis will be fine, you'll enjoy him even more. Good luck, it'll be fine although I'm sure there will be tears before you start ! Deep breathing helps!" Jackie

"We have missed you Harriet and your banter with Jamie. Louis looks a poppet and will love listening to his Mummy on the radio." x Jeanne

"Good luck on your first day back Harriet!  I'm due back to work in May after having my son Jacob in September.  If I said I was looking forward to it I'd be lying!!  I know you'll be fantastic though-absolutely love Heart breakfast with you and Jamie!  Jacob and I will be listening" xx Lianne

"Be good to have you back with your team buddy " listen every morning while driving to work ; both you and Jamie make me laugh your a great team welcome back ! hope baby Louis is doing good" Christine  xx