Family weekends are the best

The weekend has come and gone yet again and it's the start of a new week! Here in central London it's beautifully sunny, but very cold. I hope your couple of days off were good. Mine were fantastic!

It kicked off on Saturday morning with a quick trip out to Banstead for a coffee and a read of the papers, then we had a couple of houses to view. Still nothing has tugged at the heart strings, so it was quickly home for the start of the FA Cup game between Portsmouth and Birmingham. As a long time Pompey supporter, just like Gareth John, I was excited but not holding out much hope. (Our team has gone through the mill recently, what with administration and having about a million owners!) I got Tate and Saffron in the mood for the game by singing some terrace anthems and then when the first of the two goals went in my neighbours must have thought we were having an illegal rave. We were all up jumping around and screaming. Fantastic, what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Saturday evening it was a case of 'come dine with me', as we visited our friend Alison for a dinner party. Some of our other friends from down the street turned up too and as we don't get out much nowadays it was great to be social butterflies for a night. Saffron had a few too many glasses of wine though - I just stuck to tea! Yes you heard me right. TEA! I didn't have a drop of the naughty stuff all weekend, how good am I! The food was amazing, thanks Alison. She makes the best ever nacho salsa dip. It had tons of coriander in it...I love coriander! The evening ended pretty badly when Tate fell of the sofa, but let's not dwell on that!

Sunday I was up early for the Time Tunnel on Heart, thanks for all your texts! In the afternoon we had to get out and enjoy the sunshine so we hot footed it across to Kingston and went for a stroll down by the river. We plonked ourselves in the Slug & Lettuce and tucked into a roast. Tate slept all the way through. Top boy! When he eventually woke up we went for a big walk around the shops to burn off all those calories. The sunshine was so bright that if you sat in the car and turned up the heating you could fool yourself in to thinking it was a midsummers day. Family weekends are the best.

**Just reading this entry back has made me realise how much I DON'T miss clubbing and going out to bars!**