Just call me Showbiz Bentley

It's bedlam outside Heart Towers! It's the Valentine's Day premiere tonight and the queues are building!

I've just found out from an 'insider' that Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel can't make it as they are snowed in, in New York. Shame. But confirmed are: Jessica Alba and Aston Kutcher plus Topher Grace, Emma Roberts and Gary Marshall. Just call me Showbiz Bentley!

Bought a 'ManBag' today, finally I can ditch the old courier bag that has certainly seen better days. Apart from my laptop, what do I carry in it? It has a lot of space - maybe you can help me compile a list because I'm sure there's loads of stuff in your bag! lol I'm amazed how women can find anything in theirs. You can always tell if you call someone with their mobile in a bag as it takes ages to answer...my pet hate....calm down Neil...breathe....

piggybackAlso little Tate wanted to give me a piggy back out the house this morning. It's his new thing. He's only 16 months but thinks like an ant. He believes he can lift a thousand times his weight! Bless him. You have to walk with him to make him think he's doing it and he giggles all the way. That's what being a Dad is all about. Forget the stresses and strains of life and work, when your son or daughter makes you laugh suddenly the world is a lot brighter place.

I'll try and get a pic of the stars on the red carpet later for my twitter feed - make sure you're following me!