Legally Blonde The Musical

On Friday I took my Mum to Heart's gala performance of 'Legally Blonde the Musical' at the Savoy theatre. It was Mum's 63rd birthday and even though she hadn't heard of the show I thought it would be a nice thing to treat her to. And what a night it was! Sheridan Smith is certainly going to use this as a springboard to greatness. She had so much dialogue to remember and her vocal talents were amazing! She didn't put a foot wrong and totally shone out as a true leading lady. My Mum thought the UPS man stole the show though. I can't tell you too much about him as it will spoil it if you haven't seen it. Let's just say the girls in the audience all gasped and cheered when he walked on with his package. Big respect goes out to Duncan James too. As a former boy-band member you always get a stigma attached to your vocal and acting abilities. Duncan performed brilliantly and proved without a shadow of a doubt that he doesn't need the other Blue members around him to belt out a song. Oh the girls LOVED him too! lol

Mum and I were sat behind Katie Price and her friends. They took up the whole row! I've never seen Katie and her sister together in the flesh, but it's amazing how much they look alike. I tried to listen for any gossip re: Alex Reid or Peter Andre, but alas she didn't let anything slip!

Have you been to see 'Legally Blonde the Musical'?  Let me know what you thought by emailing me below