Lucy's Blog -Tuesday 1st Of October

Hiya! On today’s show, we decided to talk about the little things that scare you. Obviously my first choice was JK. He’s a yappy little thing sometimes...

This came about after we spoke to Andy on yesterdays show.  He was petrified of Squirrels after one took a chunk out of his hand! So we asked, what are the little things that scare you?


Here’s my top 5…..
Judy – The Oompa Loompa's. Even the song, since I watched the film as a girl!
Richie - I absolutely detest jelly and won't even look at it in a box at a supermarket, I won't allow people around me to eat it, even if it is in a trifle. It is evil and has eyes and everything. It terrifies me and it would give me nightmares if I found it wobbling away in a fridge. Besides it's made out of bones. I would rather sit in a bath full of frogs!!!!
Ron - My girlfriends little toe on her right foot scares me, it curls inward and has a stumpy little toe nail!
My friend Kaylie is petrified of the tiny stickers you get on fruit. Her reason is they can hide everywhere as they're small and sticky. She's 25 xx
Abi - Little fibres from a tea towel on cups and glasses! Abi
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm,
See you then!
Lucy xxx