Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 2nd October

Hiya! So, on today’s show, we talked about the funny things we do with food! I played Wotsticks with Wotsits, basically you bite the end of 1 & lick it, then do the same to another and stick them together. Hours of fun!

I also play the Malteser Challenge. To find out what that is, head to the Heart London Facebook page!

JK plays Baked Beans on A Raft – there’s a video of that on Facebook too.

So – what funny games do you play with your food? Here’s my top 5….
Helen - My son puts all the Haribo Jelly Rings on his fingers then eats them off....I bite the jelly yolks off the eggs before I eat the white bits!
Cherry - I'm 28 and I still eat monster munch, toes first! :)  
Tracy - When I eat jelly babies I eat their legs first, then their arms, followed by the head then I suck the body bit and try not to chew (can't always manage it)
Amber - I get the jelly out the middle of a Jaffa cake and save it til last :-)
Terry - I stick an After Eight to the roof of my mouth and then lick it like that, try it!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx