Mickey Mouse here we come!

Neil Bentley cakeIt’s Wednesday already! My legs ache and that can mean only one thing – FAT DADS FOOTBALL!! Last night’s result – 21 – 9. I’ll keep it brief – I was on the losing team…again! Anyway enough of that! Well a little more…I scored the goal of the night…cough, cough…

As you can see in today’s picture, the diet is settling down well. Saff made me do it I tell ya! (Blame the wife.) I just couldn’t resist a muffin after a healthy baked potato. The secret is balance isn’t it? I’ve got to say that the toffee muffin from Post in Banstead was one of the best I’ve ever had. So that makes me feel much better about eating it!

It’s been a nice morning in London. It certainly makes the world of difference seeing blue sky and sitting in the sunshine. Long may this continue. Well it will for 10 days later this year as I’ve finally booked a holiday today! YAHHOOOOO! Yep that’s why I’m in a good mood. U.S.A here we come! I haven’t been to Disney in Florida for 15 years and this time it’ll be extra special! Tate is going to love it. He’ll be almost 2 and old enough to take a little of it in. I can’t wait to see his face. There’s about 12 of us going and that’ll give Saff and I the chance to chill out and enjoy a couple of meals out, just the two of us. I’ll give you more details nearer the time & I’m sure I’ll drop you picture tweets and updates on the website. (Make sure you join me on Twitter first, my user name is @realneilbentley )

Have a top day!