Lucy's Blog - Monday 30th Of September

Hiya! Hope you had a fab weekend! I went to see my Dad & Step-Mum & ate so much I almost had to be rolled home. Good times. So, on today’s show we talked about….Scars. Yep, Scars. Everyone’s got them, and everyone has a story about them...

What’s your scar story? (some of these are just hilarious by the way, brilliant work Heart Family!). Here’s my top 5 from you:
Anita - I also got bitten by a Squirrel who wouldn't let go! My brother was bitten by a Killer Whale at SeaWorld in Florida!!
Angela - I have a scar on my thumb from a burn I got three years ago from Bulgarian tomatoes (tinned)!
Beth - I have a scar on my belly from when a German shepherd tried to steal my custard cream, he jumped up at me at scraped his claws down my belly, didn't get my custard cream!
Ruby - My younger sister who was 7 at the time and I was 8 had an argument over a toy. She scratched me on my cheek because she got really angry. At the time I thought it looked quite cool. I'm 23 now and the scar from the scratch is still there. It doesn't bother me but I have told this story numerous times because people always ask. My sister denies it was her but we both know she did it!
Lucinda - I've got a scar on my leg from falling into a wall whilst flying a kite because I tripped over a swimming pool.
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx