NFL - 49ers V Broncos!

What a Sunday! The NFL came to town for the 4th time and it was the turn of the San Fransisco 49ers to play their home game thousands of miles away from home!

Amercian football isn’t the easiest of games to try and work out but they do do entertainment so well that even if you’re not following the game you still have something to focus on.

83,000 fans turned up to support the teams and I must admit it was the hottest tube journey I’ve ever had. Condensation was dripping down the inside of the windows! Erghhh! It wasn’t just Londoners and Yanks that made their way to the game, the tube carriages were filled with Germans, Russians and fans from all over Asia. It was an occasion I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

I was supporting the 49ers who put up a feisty performance to come through 24-10 over the Broncos.

Long live the NFL in the UK. In me they have a new fan!

NFL - 49ers V Broncos




NFL - 49ers V Broncos