Theme park fun

On Friday night I was invited down to the press night for the launch of 'Kobra' at Chessington World Of Adventures.

Saffron couldn't make it as she was full up with cold, but my father-in-law got the green light from his wife and joined me and the team for a night of pure childish fun! What a top time we had.

At the start of the evening we were taken to see the new TV ad for 'Kobra', we were even joined by the director who has also worked on big feature films. This was quite clear as the ad made the ride simply jump off the screen. It looked amazing! After a few beers and a chat with Jimmy White (a big hero of mine and a local, like me) we headed to Wild Asia Land to see how the new attraction looked in the flesh.

Last time I came to the park, this section was called Beanoland and it was geared towards the younger end of the family - not now! What a transformation! The Kobra stands proud, opposite the Dodgems and the Monkey Swinger (see video for a clip). The music they had pumped in reminded me of the Karate Kid soundtrack. It kind of made me focus my mind, ready to tackle the rides.

We went on Kobra 3 times! After the first time I was alright - after the 3rd my head was spinning! The ride itself is a mix of roller coaster, pirate ship and waltzer. Whoever came up with the concept is a genius. Brilliant fun. Then we headed to the Dodgems, The Monkey Swinger and the side games - then popped back indoors for a few more drinks and a whole lot of food.

I stayed the night at the hotel, which looked brand new. It had a real American feel and the staff were great. 

The next morning we were up again with the whole park to ourselves before it was open to the public. Christine and family, the lucky winners of our competition, became the first members of the public to ride Kobra in the new season. They loved it. I saw them later on in the day getting on Dragons Fury. They looked like they had a wicked day, I know I certainly did.

Chessington should be on your list of things to do with the kids this year as they've worked so hard to reinvent themselves again. I also can't wait for the African Savannah which launches in June, bring on the Zebras!