We are the champions...sort of...

I made it through to the semi-final! Me, Unfit me!

On Saturday I joined the rest of my Tuesday night 'Fat Dads' football team at Cuddington Croft School in Cheam for a fundraising tournament for the school. If you remember Saturday was one of the wettest days we've had this year. Mud and me don't mix. It's even worse when you forget to bring your studs and end up playing in astroturf trainers. DOH! Even though it rained cats and dogs the brave chef in charge of the food, still lit the BBQ under a gazebo and hot-dogs and burgers were had by all.

Our Tuesday night team was split into 2, an A and B team. We kicked off the tournament with a win over last years champions. What a start. Ray, who played up front for us, made a crunching tackle on their striker - that was to set the mood for the rest of the game. After a hard fought battle and 1 penalty kick, we came out on top 1-0. Our B team mirrored our performance and won their initial game too. In fact they kept a clean sheet and won all of their games. We didn't. We lost one 2-1. This made our two teams meet in the semi-final.

The game was tight, nip and tuck. But in the second half the B team broke through and smashed one in the back of the net in the dying seconds. It was all over for the A team. What a disaster. We knew we'd be mocked in a barrage of emails and when Tuesday came around, well lets just say the pints afterwards would have to be on us. Oh well, at least our money had gone towards helping the school. Winning didn't really matter anyway...cough, cough..

The picture is of the winning team (left to right: Graham, Grant, Mark (A.K.A Will), Wayne, Steve & Simon) - Well done guys!!!