The world's strongest kid

It's Monday again and it's snowing. Right this is surely enough! Isn't their something we could do, apart from all leaving to live in Spain?

Hope your weekend was really good. Mine was great, thanks for asking. I pigged out on the biggest Chinese takeaway on Friday night - it was ace!

I got up early Saturday ready to face the world. First on the list of rock and roll jobs was - get a piece of wood cut at a timber yard. (If you think that's bad, it gets worse!) I was in DIY mode and was intent on making a shelf myself with four brackets, as it would be cheaper than an already made one. I must tell you, success was achieved! Well their must be a first time for everything. Turns out the shelf is still up. Awesome.

Then it was onwards and upwards to...IKEA. Funnily enough my wife wanted to come on this trip. Every time we go she always ends up buying something we don't need. One thing jumped out at me on this visit. They are offering Valentines dinner in the IKEA restaurant???? No way! Yes Way! I can't imagine asking any female if she fancies coming for dinner and then taking her to IKEA. I think that would be the start of the end. I'm still trying to get my head around was this a joke or not? Anyway we looked around the whole store, even bargain corner and left empty handed. I think the only thing we got out of it was a big place for Tate to run around and cause mischief in.

Also at the weekend we went to a soft play in Wimbledon, so Tate could hang out with other children with unbelievable amounts of energy. In the picture here you can see him demonstrate his amazing strength - of course blurred, as are all his pictures, as he never stands still!

Looking at this picture again has given me an idea - maybe if we train him right he'd win the Atlas Stones round at the World's Strongest Man?? hmmmm.