JK & Lucy's Feel Good Friday Laugh

We all love a giggle on a Friday... so check out the latest thing making us laugh!

This has to be the happiest Penguin ever... We challenge you to watch and not smile!



How cute are the noises this Sloth makes whilst exercising!?

We know we shouldn't really laugh at this, but poor Grandma got a little confused at a wedding, check out the video, then scroll down to see the make good video! It's been making us smile all week!


It's been so hot even the animals have been tucking into the Ice Cream.... made us giggle so we thought we would share it with you!

We love Lionel and this Aussie commercial has had us cracking up all week!


Believe it or not, Lucy doesn't just look at cats online she also Googles dogs from time to time too!

Check out the latest video making us laugh, it involves a dog and a rather strange reaction to a segment of lime!


Crazy Cat Lady Lucy chose this weeks funny video, 8 Reasons Your Cat Is A Dog.  From playing fetch to doing what it’s told, this is 2 minutes of your life worth wasting!  Check it out and let us know below if you cat ticks any of the reasons! 



Even if you don't like sport this little future star is guaranteed to make you smile and your heart melt!  get ready with the ahhhhh's

Enjoy! xxx JK & Lucy


JK love's Star Wars & Lucy loves Kittens.... So this has to be the perfect Friday funny for the eve of the bank holiday!

Enjoy! xxx JK & Lucy



Animals are cute and often funny.... but the funniest animals are the ones that behave a bit like us!

Check out this quick video of animals imitating us!  Bet it makes you laugh!!!  JK & Lucy xxx


We have talked about random things pets do, this crazy cat is just brilliant!  We think it might have the hoover mistaken for something else?

Scroll down to see more fun videos and let us know what you think!



Warning this is potentially silly fun, a couple of You-tubers have put together this short video called: How Animals Eat Their Food

It really made us laugh, our favourites are the Whale & Rhino!

Check out the video below, scroll to the bottom of the page and let us know what your favourite is.



Have you ever had a chat with your friends about your relationship?

Have you ever given a friend some relationship advice?

Than this weeks video funny is for you....

Scroll done and hit play for some very cute kids showing us how relationship advice should be done!



Cute Animals are guranteed to make us laugh! Enjoy this cute little fella!

Scroll down and hit play for 8 seconds of Little leg's that will make you giggle!


Crazy Cat Lady Lucy selected this gem personally for you! Enjoy!



We love this and even played it to Bruno Mars when we caught up with him!



It is 6 seconds of pure comedy genius!

Have a look below at our latest Friday Laugh!


Thanks to Simon Beale for the Late show for alerting us to this giggle fest...

Check out the video below we guarantee it will make you smile!

Make sure you watch the older girl as well, she is adorable.

Enjoy and let us know what you think below

xxxx JK & Lucy