JK & Lucy's Moo-sic Experiment With Jenni Falconer

Find out what happened when we put some music research to the test!

We spotted some research recently which says that animal’s love music, especially Cows.

Apparently, they are happier and produce more milk when listening to music.  We decided to test this theory and find out if cows, like you, enjoy listening to London’s HEART!

So, we sent Jenni Falconer to Belmont Children’s Farm in Mill Hill to milk Treacle the Cow.

They both spent the morning listening to London’s Heart to find out what songs Treacle enjoyed, and if Jenni could successfully milk her, to get enough milk for her Cornflakes! 

Our plan was to prove that London’s HEART is the station to leave on at home for your pets to listen to while you’re at work! If it's good enough for Treacle the Cow it has to be good enough for your pets!

Have a listen below to how Jenni & Treacle got on!

JK & Lucy's Music Experiment - Jenni Falconer arrives at the farm!

JK & Lucy's Music Experiment - Jenni grabs the udder!

JK & Lucy's Music Experiment - Jenni's milking it!

JK & Lucy's Music Experiment - The results are in! Animals love the moosic!