JK & Lucy's Royal Name Generator

With the Royal Baby due to arrive any day, JK & Lucy have tracked down the 'Official' Regal Baby Prince or princess name Generating matrix!

Baby names can be really hard decide on, so JK & Lucy have decided to help out the Royal couple!

But we need your help to find some baby name suggestions!

So if you want to help and find out your very own Royal Prince or Princess name just follow these 4 easy steps:

1) Start with your Grandma or Grandad's first name

2) Then add your first pets name

3) Then it's your middle name followed by the word - OF

4) Finally add the place you were born


And finally for good measure stick a 'Prince or Princess' on the front, there it is you now have your very own Prince or Princess name! 

Here are ours, let us know yours in the comments box below:

JK: George Fly Phillip of Herefordshire

Lucy: Princess Ilse Princess Claire of Canterbury

Aussie Nige: Prince Trevor No Mates Phillip of Otago