Lucy's Blog - Friday 10th January

Hiya! The first 'proper' week back at work after the festive period is almost done and dusted! We survived! And for that, you deserve to relax, eat what you like, and have a drink. Unless you’re doing a diet. Or Dry January. In which case, erm…..

Anyway, on the show today, we wanted to know the answer to this question…

It's Friday, why do YOU feel good?
Jill - My grandson is about to be born!
Stephanie - I've survived my first week back at school with exams on the first two days!
Liz - It's Wine Friday and I've eaten very healthily all week so looking forward to treat food weekend!
Bill - I’ve got the weekend off! Might fire up the hot tub, it hasn’t been used it since Christmas Day!
Flaviano - I feel good because I'm going to have my first drink in 11 days!
Georgie - Because, I unexpectedly had the afternoon off, and got to spend it with my 2-year old!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 6am for Saturday Breakfast, see you then!
Lucy xxx