Lucy's Blog - Friday 11th January

We made it through our first week, hurrah!

On todays show we talked about Old Ladies. We all love them. In particular, our Producer, Aussie Nige. He was wandering through London yesterday when he saw a massive queue of blue rinse sporting lovelies. Being the inquisitive type, he decided to go and ask them what they were queueing for. JK captured a photo of this moment. We’ve popped it on the Heart London facebook page for you to have a look at. We also asked you to tell us what you think they’re queueing for! Here’s some of your ideas…
Helen – Collecting pensions?
Hans – Tickets for the Chippendales
Caroline – Daniel O’Donnell?
Sophie – The painting of Kate Middleton…
Continuing our nice old lady them, JK got chatting to a lovely woman on the train the other week, and recorded their conversation. Obviously he asked her first! They had a really sweet chat, and my heart totally melted when I heard it. We shared it with you today, and there’s another part for you to hear on tomorrow mornings breakfast show! If you missed Part 1 this afternoon, have a listen here….
See you tomorrow morning from 6, have a fab Friday night!
Lucy xxx