Lucy's Blog - Friday 18th October

Hiya! So, we were in again for Jamie & Emma this morning on Heart Breakfast, and today we were talking about the worst present you've ever received from your other half.

This is after JK bought me a disgusting Granny Nightie for my birthday! He forgot it was even my birthday initially, so went off to the seaside with Aussie Nige to get my present yesterday afternoon. Check out the video of them having far too much fun (& spending all of 5 seconds actually buying my gift) on the Heart London Facebook page & also at

This led us to ask you – What's the worst gift you've ever received from your other half? Here's my Top 5…..

Ali - My Ex bought me a lawnmower for my birthday - I made sure I took it with me when I left him!!

Maria – A Christmas present from my husband an ironing board with a British flag cover. I am Spanish!

Terri - A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle & jigsaw mat.

Katie - My husband bought me an electric blanket with dual control so he could keep his side warm.

My friend bought his girlfriend a bike for Xmas from Grattons catalogue, paid the first installment and gave her the rest

Thank you so much for all of your texts & Facebook posts! We had a fantastic response to this, and as we couldn't get through everything, we thought it'd be fun to continue with your worst presents tomorrow morning on Saturday Breakfast!

I'll leave you with this classic…..

My worst present was from my husband. A hinge for the broken tumble dryer door for Valentines Day.

See you tomorrow morning from 6….

Lucy xxx