Lucy's Blog - Friday 1st of February

HOORAY!! It’s Friday! Thank goodness. So – what have you got planned for this weekend? On today's show we asked you to complete this sentence –

It’s Friday & I’m feeling good because….

JK's was that he had a trip to the dentist and it didn't hurt plus he spotted a cool giant Tooth Lamp.

Here are some of your texts!
Mel – It’s Friday and I'm feeling good cause I'm earning overtime tomorrow!! Mel
Claire - It's Friday and I'm feeling good because because pay day today! getting reading for a night out, yay!! Claire St. Albans.
Donna - I'm feeling good because I've raised £260 for the children's chemotherapy ward at the queens medical center at nottingham and its still going up .... and want to thank everyone in borrowash Derby who have donated ....
Andrew – It’s Friday & I’m feeling good as I just found out my wife is pregnant!
Emma - Hi gang, I'm happy because my OH is out tonight so I can watch what I like on the telly & eat biscuits ALL EVENING!
Also – whilst ‘researching’ (ahem), for the show the other day, I came across a video of a Cat. As you do on YouTube & the like. It’s HILARIOUS. In a totally weird yet mesmerising way.
This Cat sounds like a Gremlin. Seriously. Check it out and have a laugh on the Heart London Facebook page!
Hope you have an amazing weekend, see you bright and early from 6 tomorrow morning for Saturday breakfast!
Lucy xxx