Lucy's Blog - Friday 22nd of February

It’s FRIIIIIDAYYYYY!!! Hurrah. So – what are your weekend plans? I’m off to a Pie Party! Seriously. Never been to one before. Apparently there’ll be Pie & Beer. Perfect.

As it’s Friday, we asked you to complete this sentence…
It’s Friday & I’m feeling good because….
I feel like a woman! I've. Been waxed within an inch if my life! Weekend away with my hubby! 'Cheeky'!! Lol. Clair x
I'm happy it's Friday because I'm stuck in traffic on the m25 with Sam and Kel. But we are off on holiday to Austria! From Sophie
It's Friday and I feel good's my 30th birthday party tomorrow and am looking forward to celebrating with all my friends and family! Gem
Hi im feeling good as tommorow I got off work and I'm going to a fancy dress party from Matthew
I feel good because my son Haydon has been offered a job....... Yippeeeeeee, Vicky :-)
We also shared a Friday Funny with you! If you head HERE you are guaranteed 6 seconds of pure laughter!
Have a fabulous Friday night, see you tomorrow morning from 6am!
Lucy xxx