Lucy's Blog - Friday 22nd November

Hiya! It’s the weekend, hurrah!! Hope you’ve got a lovely one planned, I’ve got my best friend coming to visit, can’t wait to see her and have a good old gossip!

So, of course, today we wanted you to complete this sentence – It’s Friday and I feel good because….
Chrissie - I'm having my 30th birthday party tonight! Love the show. Come along when you're finished!
Charlie  - I’m going to my friends bands gig tomorrow and catching fire Sunday!
Laura - It was my birthday on Wednesday and I also got engaged and I’m off to New York in the morning!
Christine & Euan –We’re on our way home our little boy and we’ve just seen our first house with Christmas decorations up!! Loving the show!!
And this is potentially one of my favourite texts EVER….
It's Friday and I feel good because I'm going FERRET RACING!
Amazing. Just amazing.
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am, with Gary Barlow on the show after 8am!
See you then,
Lucy xxx