Lucy's Blog - Friday 23rd August

Hiya! It’s another Bank Holiday Weekend – yaaaaay!! Happy days. Hopefully you’ve got lots of lovely stuff planned! As it’s Friday, we asked you to complete this sentence….

t’s Friday and I feel good because….
Sam – I’m feeling happy because I’m off to my friends wedding reception tonight!
JB - I feel good as I have the company of the cutest, funniest, cheeky & charming wee 9 month old ever, all day, my miracle son & Angel Thomas! :-)
Olly – I feel good about the weekend because I’ve got 2 fridges full of Amber nectar and the telephone numbers of 4 Indian takeaways. See you Tuesday morning and don’t wake me up too early please!
Samina - I'm happy today because: it's Friday, I got paid in my new job and it was more than I was expecting, because I have a date tomorrow, Tuesday off work and I'm on my way home!! Whoooo!!
Angela - I've just been told off by my husband for driving too close to him. I'm following him home from Surrey to Kent as the M25 is shut. He's not happy that I'm tailgating his five week old Jag!!
Marie - I feel good because I'm off to the Algarve with my family.
Paul - I feel good because I passed my final PGA coaching exam.
Also on the show today, we talked about the unwanted visitor that appeared in Newsreader Katie’s bedroom last night – a MASSIVE Spider!! It has to be seen to be believed – check it out on our Facebook page!
Hope you have a fab weekend, don’t forget to listen in tomorrow morning from 6am – we’ll be back with more silly banter!
Lucy xxx