Lucy's Blog - Friday 24th May

Hiya! Welcome to the Bank Holiday Weekend! How are you spending yours? I’m spending mine with my best friend, can’t wait to see her, eat good food, drink wine and talk about boys & stuff. Perfect.

It’s going to be a fantastic weekend for Kerri Enwright, she’s now £125,000 better off after she correctly identified all 3 of the secret celebrities on Who’s On Heart. She’s going to spend some of the money on moving in with her boyfriend! Aww. Congrats Kerri!
Here at Heart, we’re playing Nothing But 90’s all day Sunday & Monday, so make sure you have a listen across the weekend! There’s also some fun 90’s themed galleries on the website if you fancy having a look at those too!
While you’re online, we’ve got a couple of things on our page that you’ll love! Firstly, there’s a super cute video of a little lad & a massive crowd of football fans. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I highly recommend you watch it! Check it out right here –
Also, on the show today, we randomly got a call from a wrong number. It was from a company chasing up details of a business account for a Gym in Reading! Ryan was the name of the guy calling, and we thought it’d be fun to play along and not tell him until later that he’d called the wrong number! He was a really good laugh bless him! Have a listen for a giggle right here –

JK & Lucy's receive a wrong number.
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am for Saturday breakfast, make sure you set your alarm and join us bright & early!
See you then!
Lucy xxx