Lucy's Blog - Friday 25th January

It’s Friday, hurrah!!! On todays show we just had to share something rather bizarre that JK witnessed on the Tube.

If you head to our Facebook page, you can have a look at it, and tell us what you think. Here’s some of your comments so far to get you thinking about what it could be….
Anna - In this weather? Brrrrr.....
Paula - Not a good look
Jemma - Hope he didn't get his toes trodden on!
Yohann - Was this picture taken by JK? nice handbag! lol x
Jana - it looks like he had dead feet...
We also talked about the fact it’s officially PAYDAY for lots of us. Finally! January is soooooo long! We were chatting before the show about what little luxuries we were going to be buying. Mine were really dull. Lots of nice moisturiser & perfume! We decided to ask you what yours would be….
My pay day luxury is a bottle of chilled white wine and a take away. Lynne
A full fridge - Hayley
Hi JK and Lucy, my payday luxury is a full tank of fuel in my car. Simon
My payday treat is a 12 box of  Krispy kreams, I eat about 5 or 6, get to the point where if I eat another i'll be sick I say to the rest of my department "would anyone like a doughnut" Claire and Danielle driving back from work!
We’re back again tomorrow morning from 6 for Saturday breakfast, see you then!
Lucy xxx