Lucy's Blog - Friday 25th October

Hiya! It’s finally Friiiidaaaaay!! Yes! It’s been one of those weird weeks where it’s just felt really long!

On today’s show we started something new – the Feel Good Friday 5@5. Five brilliant songs to get you in the mood for the weekend! If you want to suggest your favourite song, just click here….
We were also asking you why you felt good today…. Here’s what you had to tell us!
Hey JK and Lucy! I'm Eve and I'm having a fab Friday, as I've just been to Chessington for my birthday with my Mum, Dad, Beth, my best friends Niamh,Sophie and Sabrina and my sisters friend Selina !!!!
Rebecca - Because although I'm stuck on the M25 and I'm working Saturday and Sunday, I get to see my gorgeous lovely fella tonight!
Sean - I'm happy because I'm not up at half 5 in the morning wrestling a Weetabix half asleep for work!
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am for Saturday breakfast, see you then! xxx