Lucy's Blog - Friday 28th June

Hiya! How’s your Friday been? Are you MASSIVELY excited for the weekend?

There’s so much going on in London this weekend – so many of you seem to be heading to see Robbie Williams & Olly Murs at Wembley, or The Buble at the O2! Whatever you’re up to, have fun!
So, on today’s show, we asked you to complete this sentence –
It’s Friday & I feel good because…..
Shandrika: I don't have to do the night feeds tonight for my 3 week old baby. DADDY does!!
Davinia: In two days time, my eldest daughter & I will be melting in the heat with Robbie Williams at Wembley! :-))
Donna: It’s my daughters 18th tomorrow! Eeeekkkk, I’m getting old! xx
Claire: It’s another week closer to my Greek holiday!
Kerry: My fella is home for the weekend (he works away during the week).
Sally-Anne: I have next week off and I’m off to Wembley on Tuesday to see Robbie Williams and Olly Murs!
Vanessa: 4 day weekend, today off and Monday...fantastic
Sarah-Lou: Sleepover tonight!
Rob: I feel good because i have just passed my test to become a teacher!!!! Celebration time.
Lisa: I have no son for the weekend as just flown off to do the Magaluf Weekender !!
Lauren: I feel good because it's Friday and I'm going surfing in Bude this weekend!
Have a fabulous weekend, we’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am!
See you then!
Lucy xxx