Lucy's Blog - Friday 30th August

Hiya! It’s officially the weekend! Hurrah! Got to love a short week eh!

Hopefully you’ve got a fab weekend planned. With it being Friday, of course today we asked you to complete this sentence…..
It’s Friday & I feel good because….
I just got a flat tyre in Canary Wharf and a very kind man helped me. Makes you realise there are some really nice people in the world!
I’ve just been asked for ID when buying a bottle of wine- first time in over 20 years:-) Vicky- driving to the south coast for last holiday weekend with the kids.
It’s my birthday and we’re havìng a family BBQ! I’m also a mad cat woman, because my cat had 7 kittens plus I have another cat, meaning I’ve got 9 cats at the moment! Carol
I'm going to cook my favourite curry & share some Prosecco bubbles with my fiance and a good friend! Sarah
I’m chilling on my balcony/caravan at Talacre Beach with a large Wine.... Nicola
We’ll be back from 6am tomorrow morning!
See you then!
Lucy xxx