Lucy's Blog - Friday 31st January

Hiya! Happy Friday guys! Thank god it’s the weekend eh? So, on the show today, we asked you to complete this sentence – It’s Friday, and I feel good because…..

Heather It's my triplets 16th birthday on Sunday and we are partying tom orrow ....please say an early Happy birthday to Amy, Harry and Jack :)))) x
Veronica - I'm en route to Ireland for hen party weekend!
Carol  Just picked up my brand new car and am going to show it my parents in the New Forest!
Debbie - It's my eldest sons birthday tomorrow and he's invited us and the grandparents this evening for a chilli at his house and a few glasses of wine! No cooking for me :-)
Lorraine  Because I have my girls round tonight for curry and wine and chocolate cheesecake curry has been on slow cook since 10 am and smells soooooo nice have a a good weekend JK & Lucy and everyone else xxx
Natalie  Because I'm off out for a night on the town!! First time out since giving birth to my gorgeous twins. Looking forward to some adult time and a few cocktails!! x Debbie Rodriguez I'm back from the school run, out of the rain!!
Becky  I'm moving into my own place after 3 years of living in a house share :-)
Sara Just got in, put me slippers on, n poured a nice glass of wine xx
Julie - Because I get to spend two beautiful days with my 2 yr old son whom I miss loads while I'm at work during the week xx Yes I get to see him in the mornings & eveings BUT it's not enough xx Love you Jacob xx
Sounds like you guys have got a fabulous weekend ahead, hopefully we can make it even better by being mildly amusing tomorrow morning from 6 for Saturday breakfast!
See you then!
Lucy Xxx