Lucy's Blog - Friday 3rd May

Hiya! I’m soooooo excited!! It’s the Bank Holiday weekend! Yesssss!! What are your plans? I’m thinking I may have to get the BBQ out.

On today’s show, we asked you, as we always do on a Friday, to complete this sentence….
It’s Friday, and I feel good because….
I'm off on holiday tomorrow and having curry for dinner tonight! Sarah
I feel good as I'm on my way home to tell my hubby I'm pregnant xx
Me and my fiancé have just booked our wedding venue and my best friend has just asked me to be her birthing partner! Chrissie
It’s Friday and I feel good because I just got a new 42 inch smart TV & it had £300 off!! Amy
I'm feeling good because I've just got in from a stressful day at work and my wonderful boyfriend has made a jug of Pimms and now we're sitting in the Garden having a lovely drink on this sunny evening!! Lucy
I feel good because I'm at my caravan by the beach with my wife and kids and the weather is awesome! Pete, Di, Bobby and Jamie  
Hope you have an amazing Bank Holiday weekend, we’re off on our hols next week, we’ll miss you!!
But – we’ll be back the following week with something AMAZING for you. I so want to tell you everything, but I can’t. Believe me, it’s brilliant!
See you then, be good….
Lucy xxx