Lucy's Blog - Friday 8th March

Hiya! Well, we made it to the weekend! On today’s show we asked you to complete this sentence…. It’s Friday and I feel good because….

Nicola -     My 20 year old son has just been offered his 1st job as a commercial airline Pilot, all the hard work paid off!
Jules -        It’s my first weekend off for 5 weeks!!!!
Rosanna -  I've just got engaged to my future husband Neil!
Richard -   It's Friday and I am feeling good because I have a free med cruise for 2.
Georgie -   I have almost finished work and just chilling listening to Heart, LOVE IT! And I get to spend the weekend with my amazing boyfriend!
Chris -       A girl at a store I deliver to for the last two years said YES to a date!
Rebecca -  I'm feeling good because...I'm starting to get my voice back after 16 days of laryngitis!
Also, if you get time tonight or over the weekend, head to the Heart London Facebook page, and check out what happens when a Goat sings a Bruno Mars song….it’s HILARIOUS. Speaking of Bruno Mars, he’s our guest on Saturday breakfast tomorrow morning! Make sure you don’t miss it, we caught up with him earlier this week and he was brilliant!
See you tomorrow morning from 6!
Lucy xx