Lucy's Blog - Monday 10th June

Hiya! How was your weekend? Hope you had a lovely one!

So, we decided today that it’s Mr. Men Monday! It was widely agreed that in general, I’m Little Miss Chatterbox, with a touch of Little Miss Scatterbrain thrown in too! JK’s Mr Small, obviously. And Mr. Grumpy. Which Mr. Men character are you, and why?
Nicola - My fiancé is Mr Jelly. Literally his surname is Jelly.
Sandra - I am Little Miss Chatterbox as I am always talking!
Sarah -  Little miss sunshine, still in holiday mood despite the grey sky's!
Emma - Afternoon! I am Little Miss Bump. On crutches due to torn ligaments in my right ankle, made it worse today by walking on cobbles. And then head butted a wall.
Nicola – I’m Little Miss Chatterbox everyday but I also like Mr Bump! I loved my baby bump and now my baby boy wears Mr Bump PJs! I think that explains why x
Liz - Little Miss Worry because I have to sit a 3 hour exam in the morning!
Abigail - Little Miss Scary because the kids have put me in a bad mood !!!!
Jenny - Little Miss Tiny, and I say my boyfriend is Mr Tall. We're a right pair.
We also made Lizzie & Sharon very happy by giving them tickets to go & see Michael Buble at Hearts Secret Stage later this month! More chances to win tomorrow with Jamie & Emma, and then us again tomorrow after 4!
See you then!
Lucy xxx