Lucy's Blog - Monday 11th March

Hiya, How was your weekend? Did you spoil your Mum rotten on Mothers Day? I went to see my Mum yesterday & took her out for dinner. We had Steak & Rose wine, followed by cake! Perfect. Hope you had a lovely day too!

On today’s show, we talked about your weekend. More specifically, we wanted to know the best & not so good things from your 2 days off from the world!
Here’s what you had to say….
What’s the 1 best thing from your weekend and the 1 not so good?
Davinia:  Bad thing - the beast of the east weather conditions returned! Good - Mothers Day & being spoiled rotten!
Debbie:   Got a rubbish box of chocolates for Mothers Day, but the good news is, my 14 yr old son had his hair cut!
Claire:     Bad thing is my girl being poorly. Good - Lovely presents for mothers day, having a good time bowling with the kids
Emma:    Bad was that the weekend didn't last long enough. Good was - New hair do and Olly Murs at Wembley.
Julie:        BAD – The dog ate my phone charger! GOOD - Won a bottle of Champagne in a competition!
Also, if you missed our chat with Bruno Mars on Saturday breakfast, go online to and check it out. He was brilliantly entertaining!
See you tomorrow from 4pm!
Lucy xxx