Lucy's Blog - Monday 12th August

Hiya! Hope you had a fab weekend! So, JK & I were talking about something last week and decided to investigate further.

Just like Poirot & Jessica Fletcher. Except not as old. Every day on the way into work, we both smell burned toast as our trains approach London Bridge. Every single day without fail! We were rather perplexed by this, so decided to ask you, the Heart Family, if you had any idea why….
Denise - The smell that you can smell is a coffee factory in Battersea . I live there and smell toast (coffee) most days
Amelia - The burnt toast smell is the coffee factory! I smell it too!
Kerry - I've smelled that toast smell too and have been told it is from coffee beans being toasted at the nearby Costa Coffee factory.
However, Graeme disagreed…..
Graeme - I work on trains. And the smell is the bearings on the trains. As they get warm they smell like burnt toast. Hence why it's at stations. More likely to be at big stations at the more trains the more smells combine.
So there you have it. It might be roasting coffee beans, or it might not. Think we’d best stick to our day jobs. Columbo’s safe for a while yet.
Anyway, it led us to ask you – what weird smells have you noticed lately?
Debbie - I live in Australia about 2 hrs south of Sydney and whenever we drive down the coast at a certain place we always smell biscuits .
Emma - Sometimes going into certain shops they smell of TCP.....I love that smell !
Gemma - Sometimes in the office I think I can smell cat food. There is never any explanation for it and the others think I'm going mad. Maybe someone near me does cat food smelling farts that they won’t admit too.
Shelley - Driving on the Slough Trading estate and getting the smell of chocolate from the Mars factory!
Kim - My local matalan smells of fresh baked bread - it is torture and makes you soooo hungry - yes a massive bakery next door ...
And Polly wins the award for the most random and funny smell, classic!
‘I just get random wafts of Twiglets as I’m walking around sometimes.’
We’ll be back from 4pm tomorrow, see you then! xxx