Lucy's Blog - Monday 18th of February

On todays show, we talked about Animals, and the utter chaos they cause in your household!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I was lucky enough to interview the stunning Nicole Kidman yesterday morning, so you’ll get to hear the results of that chat in the next week or so. She was absolutely lovely, and incredibly down to earth for such a huge star!
My example involved a Fox ripping apart a rubbish bag that I’d forgotten to put in the wheelie bin. There was cat litter strewn ALL over my garden and stuck in the grooves of my decking. I had to HOOVER MY GARDEN at 9pm! Grrr.
Here’s some of your brilliant examples!
Lorraine - We have 3 cats, the youngest bruce is 6mths. We hand reared him from 3wks old and he only answers to his name if you say it in an Australian accent! We're Londoners not Australian!!!!
Sarah - My German shepherd tried to steal the roast chicken from the kitchen but turned on the gas instead. Nearly blew the bloody doors off!
Nick - My staffy was teething and she ate 3 mattresses!
Sam - Our rabbit bugsy has eaten all our ds ...i pad chargers a Huge hole in our sofa
Keeping the theme animal related, we’ve got an incredible guest joining us on tomorrows show. The man is a living legend, and JK’s hero. In fact, I think most of us are totally in awe of this man.
Today, we met Sir David Attenborough. The actual, real life, absolutely lovely & amazing Sir David Attenborough. You are going to LOVE the chat we have with him, I promise. What a man.
See you tomorrow from 4!
Lucy Xxx