Lucy's Blog - Monday 18th November

Hiya! How was your weekend? I had a lovely one with my family, and plenty of Aunty time with my gorgeous nephew Max! He really is utterly gorgeous, and growing so quickly!

Hope you had an equally lovely one.
So, on today’s show, we talked about the normal food you utterly hate. This is after a certain TV show, set in the jungle started last night. You know, the one where you end up eating Skippy’s private parts!
Personally, I cannot stand RUNNY EGG YOLK. Even the smell of it makes me heave. Ewww.
We asked you – What normal food would you never eat, even if you were offered a lot of cash?
Nikki - I can’t eat Strawberrys. The smell and taste makes me sick!
Tracie - Baked beans!! Even texting the word makes my skin crawl! They are the devils food.
Chris - Celery is the work of the devil. Taste, smell, stringy and the horrible crunch it makes as people bite into it. Vile, yuk, evil!
Emma - My ex can't even smell tinned Spaghetti ! He walked in once to my daughter having them with her dinner, and he was out in the back garden gagging !
Jo - SPROUTS! And it doesn't make a difference what you mix them with. I use to have to sit there as a child and eat them before I was allowed to go out and play. I smuggled them to the toilet but they use to float on the top. Luckily I'm old enough to say NO THANK YOU every Christmas.
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4, see you then!
Lucy xxx