Lucy's Blog - Monday 19th August

Hiya! How was your weekend? I celebrated my nephew Max’s 1st birthday on Saturday with the whole family! It was just lovely. Still can’t believe he’s a whole year old! He’s such a gorgeous little poppet too. I also went a little crazy with the baking yesterday, ended up doing Lemon Cupcakes, Cheese & Olive Muffins and my personal favourite, a Chocolate Guinness Cake! Here’s how that turned out….

On today’s show, we talked about where you’ve been stuck! JK once got stuck in his mates flat and had to get his mate who had a forklift truck to rescue him! Oh dear. So – where have you been stuck?
Tony - I once got stuck inside a walk-in fridge at work when the handle broke. The downside was it was bloody cold. The upside however is I had a full on four course meal while waiting to be let out - smoked salmon, cold roast beef, cheese and chocolate mousse.
Bex - Aged 8 on a camping trip to France, we stopped at a service station to use the toilet only to find a not so modern hole in the ground! To make matters worse, I locked the door and got stuck inside for over an hour until a very unfriendly French police man bashed the door down! Safe to say I'm not a big fan of public toilets.....especially in France!
Debbie - We got stuck at top of London Eye when it broke down and my son who was 9 at the time needed the loo so had to pee in an empty bottle.
Carol - I got stuck in an old canvas lawn chair that tore and I went through it. I couldn't move while my Mum couldn't stop laughing and my daughter went into hysterics. It took all three of us to get me out of it!
Liz - When i was younger i got stuck in a tree. Not because i couldn't get down but because i was hiding from my crush and my ex at the same time and neither of them left for half an hour. Thank god they didn't look up!
Gary - I got stuck in a car wash haha! Stopped working when I was using one.
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx