Lucy's Blog - Monday 20th January

Hiya! Hope you had a brilliant weekend! So, on today’s show, we wanted to know - What are the silly, irrelevant little things that really annoy you? The more ridiculous, the better! Unfortunately, we were banned from saying JK….

Here’s some of yours….
Sharon - My son says fork and knife when it's knife and fork.
Linda - I only have one big hate, and that's people who do not indicate, there seem to be loads more - is it the new trend? It's just plain bad manners!
Jody Marie - People stopping in the middle of the aisle at the Supermarket having a conversation.
Lee - People not emptying the bin when its full !!!!
Debbie - Putting empty sweet wrappers back in the tin, usually my favourite ones that you can only find wrappers, might as well leave a note saying be quicker next time !
Kayleigh - There always has to be one person from the grammar police I guess - I hate the misuse of apostrophes! 1990's, your/you're and in plurals, especially!
Mary - When someone leaves one lonely Weetabix in the packet. Then I have to open a new packet to have two! Mad I know!
Sharon - The toilet seat being left up in the middle of the night and me not noticing before I sit down!!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx