Lucy's Blog - Monday 22nd April

Hiya!! How was your weekend? Hope you managed to get out and enjoy the lovely sunshine!

On today’s show we were talking about our favourite comfort foods, after it was revealed that 71% of us eat them at 7pm on a Sunday night!
Your favourites were delicious, random & utterly bizarre all at once, here’s some of the best…
Jules - Make a cheese & ham sandwich & then add lightly salted Doritos.
Matt - Chicken and Mushroom Pie in the micro for a minute then put into a sandwich with butter and salad cream lush!!
Lesley - Nice thick white bread, butter and marmite..... Dipped in hot chocolate mmmmm...... Yum!!
Amy - My comfort food is quavers with milk. Eat the quavers and while in your mouth drink the milk and let it soak in.
Debbie - I love vinegar sandwiches on white bread. Yummy!
Rachel - My fave comfort food is smothering rich tea biscuits with French Mustard and grated Cheese!
James - Cheese & Marmalade on toast. Lovely!
Sarah - I love to munch on cornflakes and hot milk! Wonderful!
Jane - I cracked open my daughters Easter egg and put ready salted Hula Hoops in it, so I could eat the both together!!!! Mmmmmm it was ace!!!
We’re back tomorrow from 4, and apparently it’s going to be a scorching hot day – highs of 19c! Yesssssss!! Get those legs out!
Lucy xxx